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Surya Educational Trust

Bloom to Gloom the future of rural people is the main core of Surya Educational Trust. Our Surya Polytechnic College is one of its attempt, made for the betterment of the students through effective Technical Education. It has been established in the year 2009 with 5 disciplines of study.

The Diploma Curriculum has advocated not only education plus work, but also education in and through work. It had developed its own traditions and identity, focusing on personal attention to students, innovative programs and link with the professional faculties.

The main aim of ours is to make the students emphasize well in their respective fields and flourish in their Careers as well as to the expectation of the society. Our Students are encouraged to think of the college as their home based and to take full advantage of its many services and activities.

Surya Polytechnic College, located in the heart of rural Tamilnadu is a one-of-its-kind institution that has pledged to bridge the difference.

The institution has a ward system through which individual care is given to each student by the concerned staff member who is their ward tutor. Through this system, a close link is established and maintained between the ward tutor and the students. Tutor does his/her best to solve even the personal problems of their wards by proper counseling. Special Coaching is provided for the weaker students in the evening.

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Surya Polytechnic

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Surya Polytechnic


Surya Polytechnic


Surya Polytechnic


Surya Polytechnic

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One of the most important challenges of engineering education in our country today, the growing rural-urban divide-where there is an instant shortfall in quality of competent young engineers from rural areas.

To reduce the cost of education per student, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) had introduced the new scheme from the 2009-10 academic year, namely the “Integrated Campus”. This new scheme allows institutions to optimally utilize their infrastructure. Under this scheme, a society or trust running different types of institutions under AICTE’s purview on contiguous land sites can share a joint campus with common amenities like a common library, canteen, computer centre, auditorium or playground etc..

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